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On April 26th, 1928, a meeting was held in the home of E. H. Dixon for the purpose of organizing a volunteer fire company.  Eighteen persons were in attendance and of these were later elected the following officers:  Chief - E.H. Dixon; Asst. Chief - Ross Metz; Captain - Roy McCafferty; Lieutenant - Perry Leamer; Secretary/Treasurer - W.B. Hoffman; Trustees - Ross Dalton, Plummer Piper, and C. E. Scott.  This group and other citizens raised $724.42 which was turned over to the Borough Council for the purchase of a chemical extinguisher and on May 3, 1928, the mounted tanks arrived and were demonstrated near the Veteran's Memorial. 

In fall of 1929, a committee was appointed to investigate the purchase of the Miller property, for the purpose of erecting a fire hall.  In 1930, another committee was designated to negotiate the purchase of the property of the Petersburg Creamery.  That year a fire siren was purchased for $135.  In 1931, the company borrowed $600 for the purchase of a motorized chemical extinguisher from the Newburg Fire Company.  In 1932, T. Roy Morton donated a Reo car to the company; the tanks were removed from the Newburg equipment and mounted on the Reo chassis.  In January 1933, the charter for the fire company was received and the office of Fire Policeman was established; Fred Allison was the first to hold that office.  Five hundred feet of hose was purchased that year and the chemical tanks and hose were mounted on a truck purchased from J.A. Arndt.  

In 1938, a Fireman's Relief Association was organized.  In December, 1947 the company purchased the M.L. Kirkpatrick Garage to house its equipment.  In July 1951, a pumper outfit was purchased and mounted on a new Dodge truck at a cost of $11,000.  In 1963, a used service truck was purchased and added to the equipment.  In 1964, the company bought a 1962 gasoline tank truck and completed the vehicle with hose and a pump.  This became the first fire tank truck in Huntingdon Country.  In 1971, a 1950 pumper was added to the equipment and a new steel building was erected beside the original Fire Hall to house the trucks.  Finally in May, 1976, a new service truck was bought for $7,000 and thanks to the people of the community; it was paid for within three months.